Kaizen? - Find achievable ways to create and build healthy habits into your life

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Kaizen, what?  Kaizen is a proven principle to follow to find achievable ways to create and build healthy habits into your life. It was super trendy a few years ago, and I think it’s time to bring it back.
It’s called Kaizen (pronounced KI-zen), and it’s a Japanese business philosophy that can have an AMAZING impact on your personal
fitness and wellness!

Before I dive in, let me introduce myself. I’m Wiebke from WonderHuman Coaching, and I help busy women and men to become fit and healthy in a simple to implement way that fits your lifestyle!

Ok, so about Kaizen. It sounds very aspirational and intense … but it’s actually one of the most achievable ways to create and build healthy habits into your life!

Build a strong, sustainable foundation

This month I’m talking a lot about healthy habits because I know a lot of us are getting back on track after this Coronavirus pandemic.

Kaizen is a proven principle to follow to help build new habits. That’s because it doesn’t take a huge amount of willpower or discipline to 
get started.

You just start out with small, easy-to-make changes, and then you build them up over time, a little more every day or every week.
Those small steps don’t just get you started, but they also help you build a strong foundation for a healthy lifestyle you can sustain over time! Now, all of that sounds good, but what does it mean on a practical level?

I’ve got some examples for you! Let’s say you want to restart a workout routine but the idea of going back to what you used to do feels a little overwhelming. What if you committed to starting with a 10-minute walk? Then tomorrow, you could do 11 minutes, then the next day 12, continuing until you reached 30 minutes? Or, you could decide to layer in some jogging intervals.
Or if you’re strength training, you could start by doing just one set of exercises instead of three.
If your goal is to eat a healthier diet, you could start by focusing on boosting the nutrition of a specific meal or snack … and then another, and another. Get your breakfast under control, or your afternoon snack, and then move on from there.
Start with something that doesn’t require a massive amount of energy or time, and slowly build it up from there. That’s the basics of Kaizen! Does that all make sense?

It doesn’t have to be ALL OR NOTHING. 
I actually use Kaizen all of the time in my life.

If you’re looking for guidance to get back into your healthy lifestyle, I’m here to help! I love brainstorming and helping people achieve their goals. 

Book in a call with me to take back control over your healthy life!

Make it an amazing day!

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