The importance of healthy nutrition. But why is nutrition so important? A healthy diet promotes, supports, and helps to maintain a healthy lifestyle and overall well-being.

There is considerable truth in the saying ‘You are what you eat’. How well your body and mind works highly depends on how well it is nourished.

Imagine you were a Ferrari – would you fuel it with Diesel? Probably not, as it would do harm to the engine. That is exactly how our bodies work. Treat it right and fuel it with nutrient rich foods and it will gift you with energy and overall well-being. That is only a small insight the importance of healthy nutrition. There is so much more to it. Find out by reading my blog which provides you with educational and easy to understand info about everything nutrition related.

I will cover anything from weightloss to macro counting, to meal prepping, to hacks on how to eat out without losing control.

Makro 101: Kalorien vs. Makros – Das Gesamtbild

Bei WonderHuman Coaching wissen wir, dass es mehr als ein Teilz um Ernährungs Puzzle fehlt, weshalb wir uns mit deinen eigenen Bedürfnissen verfassen und dich und deinen Lebensstil kennenlernen wollen um so einen individualisierten Plan zu erstellen, der dich auch langfristig an dein Ziel bringt. Wir helfen dir, dich an den Plan zu halten und unterstützen dich, wenn sich Lebensumstände ändern.

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