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You are a female leader – and you struggle with your health and weight


You worked your ass off to be where you are today. You spent days and nights working, in meetings, networking. 

You put your job first and with that you have put yourself last on your to-do list. 

But - all the sleepless nights, stressful days at the office have paid off - you made it. You are one of the few females that made it to the top.

And now you start realizing that it had a toll on your life. 

Does your day look like this?:

Your alarm goes off at 6am in the morning, you hit snooze. You hit snooze again. You finally drag yourself out of bed.

You make your way to the bathroom, look into the mirror and realize that you look tired, worn out and you find another wrinkle that wasn't there yesterday. 

You tell yourself how tired and old you look. But make-up will save you. 

You grab your favorite dress and put it on. The zipper doesn't close as easily anymore…how did that happen? You jump on the scale and realize that you have gained another 2kg. It's frustrating. You don't understand. You haven't even had the time to eat all week?

On the way to the office you grab a coffee and a pastry to go, you quickly eat it while you put your earplugs in as the first call is about to start. You arrive at the office, but have no time to go through your emails because your assistant reminds you that you are already late for that important meeting. In your high-heels you make your way to the meeting room, pour another coffee and grab some cookies that are displayed on the table. 

The meeting was a waste of time. No decisions were made, but took two hours. Off your lunch break goes. 

You still have a cereal bar in your drawer. Thank God! It is already past 6pm and you still haven’t eaten. You wanted to go for a run after work, but it's not going to happen. 

At 10pm you call it a day. Your feet hurt from being in high-heels all day long. Your dress always crawls up your thighs which have become chubby, so did your waistline. You don't feel comfortable in your body, but you cannot let anybody know. You are tough, you are strong, you are a leader. And you cannot be insecure. This will make you look weak. But trying so hard drains you, it costs you precious energy. You are brain fogged, you cannot think straight, your mind wanders off all the time and concentrating is hard. 

When you come home the kids are already sleeping. You again missed to read them a bedtime story and have dinner with them.

You grab a pizza from the freezer, a glass of wine and chocolate as dessert. What a day.

You are tired. You are frustrated, you are not happy - but that is the way it is. This is the price you pay for being a female leader. 


NO! It is not!

Even as a busy female leader you can have an amazing life, an amazing and healthy body and still time to tuck your kids into bed! 

I am Wiebke, I have been working as an assistant for women in leadership positions for over 20 years. I know all your struggles and pains and it doesn't have to be that way. 

The past 10 years, I have developed together with international functional doctors, mentors and the best coaches, a structured program that is built to help women in leadership positions that want to get back into the driver's seat of their life. 

The wonderHuman method combines years of experience with the latest nutrition and behavioral science together with laboratory diagnostics with a holistic approach to an intelligent program.

This program is tailor-made to your personal starting position, your goals and your lifestyle to optimize your overall health to a maximum. 

With the wonderHuman method you will learn that your body can do wonders if you make work for you and not against you.

It is about time to put yourself back on top of your to-do list without neglecting any of your business related tasks.

Free Strategy Call

Reach you sustainable feel-good body, despite a busy schedule. 

I help you to lose weight, reach you full potential and get back your energy to rock your career.

Look forward to a better and healthier life, performance and wellbeing.


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