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Prepare Meals for the whole Week in 1 Hour or Less


Are you ready to learn this new skill to help you save time and money? Let’s dive into meal prep and how it can save you time, money and stubborn belly fat.

Have you ever had to choose between cooking and the convenience of simply ordering your food? I bet plenty of times!

Which one did you choose? If you are anything like me, you most likely went for the easier option – order in.

What if there was a way to have all your meals prepared in just one hour?


What would that do for you? Soooo much!

  1. Save a shit load of money!
  2. Enjoy the time saved!
  3. Be in control of your weight, as you decide the ingredients and portions
  4. Contribute to an overall more nutritionally balanced diet
  5. Reduce stress as you avoid last minute decisions on what to eat
  6. Plus: so much more…


Are you holding yourself back? 

You probably think that:

  1. Prepping meals takes too much time
  2. Re-heated food tastes disgusting
  3. You cannot cook
  4. It overwhelms you


I get it. Been there, done that. But you know what? However, I knew I had to put in some effort in learning on how to meal prep, as cooking myself was the best way to fuel my body with healthy, tasty and cheap meals. And yes, it does take more than ordering food somewhere.

Though, the good news is that after I realized that having healthy food options on hand is extremely handy – and it does not have to take over your life. In fact, it should blend right in.

Are you ready to learn a new skill that will save you a lot of sweat and body fat? Let’s dive right in and outline a strategy:

  1. Think big batch
  2. Frozen veggies are your friend
  3. Multitasking skills
  4. Practice makes perfect

First of all, meal prep helps you to save time, a lot of money and that stubborn belly fat. Money: as you can buy items in bulk and take advantage of your freezer. Think big in terms of volume.

Next, focus on easy meals that taste great and do not require much of your attention.

Think chili, soup and casseroles. They are usually made in one pot, dish or pan which cuts down the time you have to spend clean up and also allows you to do other chores while it’s cooking.


Did you know that frozen vegetables and fruit are higher in nutrients than bought fresh? This is because the veggies and fruit you get from the supermarket have been sitting on that shelf for some time. The older they get, the less nutrients they have. Whereby frozen vegetables and fruits are shock frosted right after they were harvested. And another plus: they are cheaper when bought frozen and are quicker to prepare.

They do have the downside, that they get mushy when you try to roast them –  but hey… PRIORITIES.


Meal prep is a skill. And it does take some practice; I am not going to lie.

However, it gets easier and will save loads of time once you master the art of multitasking. The secret is to choose meals that can be prepared in the oven and on the stove top. This way you can prepare two recipes at the same time.

For example, chili on the stove top and lasagna in the oven. Or fill your oven with different kinds of foods at once, such as 1 kg of chicken breast, five sweet potatoes, and all sorts of vegetables. With just chicken and a few veggies you can easily prepare completely different meals.


The best and most expensive kitchen tools cannot save you much time if you don’t practice. Don’t give up if your first try takes much longer – once you get the gist of it, it will be a non-negotiable.


Most importantly: Don’t get overwhelmed and stick to easy meals when you get started. Start with recipes you already know and you feel comfortable with. Start small and work your way up.

  1. Pick a day

Make a commitment and pick a day that is convenient for you and fits your schedule. Put it in your calendar!


  1. Decide on the meals and recipes

What will you prepare for breakfast, lunch and/ or dinner? Lay out the recipes for each and check in with yourself whether the recipes are easy enough to handle.

  1. How to store your food?

How you choose to store your meals can make or break your meal prepping efforts. Get some containers that are air tight. This will keep your food fresher and better tasting.

What you want to look for are containers that are:

  • BPA free
  • Freezer safe
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Microwaveable
  • Stackable
  • Reusable

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